Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 240 ~ Unpacking

Thank you Walden Galleria...Oh, how I love you!
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Day 239 ~ Heading Home

A couple of squids followed us home! lol
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Day 238 ~ Lazy River

Chillin on the lazy river! Spending the afternoon in the water park.
Does life get much better than this?
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Day 237 ~ US/Canada

Parked on the line, half way there!
It's always a great week end away when we pack up and head to Darien Lake.
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Day 236 ~ Now That's A Bummer!

Slipped going down the stairs this morning and, landed on my tailbone. The pain seems to get worse as the day goes on. Hope I can move tomorrow! How's that to put a damper on the weekend.
I still have to pack yet. I don't want to forget these, that would really be a bummer!
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day 235 ~ Mack Having Fun!

Practicing out front.
The two monkey's were also taking wood, nails and their fathers hammer to build a ramp.
Why do I have a sinking feeling this will not end well?
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Day 234 ~ Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño bites

Super yummy, with just the right amount of bite!
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Day 233 ~ The Sweet Smell Of Cinnamon!

It's been a while since I made these babies!
With the new oven I can bake them all at once, instead of splitting it into two batches. What a time saver!
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Day 232 ~ Which Color?

I just can't decide.
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Day 231 ~ HAHAHA!

I'm not 100% certain but, I think this was taken after midnight. This is how we got sidetracked from laying the flooring down.
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Day 230 ~ Helping Out

Truth be told...a bit more drinking than helping.
Isn't that how all home reno projects go?
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Day 229 ~ Yep, Thats My Recipe and Photo

It's quiet exciting and humbling to see my photo on the cover!
I submitted a recipe for a dessert cookbook being made by a local organization.
Down the right hand side is my photo for Bite Size Banana Splits. On page 33 is the full photo and recipe on page 34.
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Friday, August 17, 2012

Fabulous Friday

Future Fire Fighter and Hero?
You never know, one day this little cutie might be the one to save your life!
All I know is...if it weren't for the 12 year old ducked down behind holding him up, he topples over with the weight of that uniform. lol
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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 228 ~ A Tour of the Fire Hall

Wow what a great day! Myself and 4 other daycare providers took 20 kids for a tour of our local Fire Department today. The kids were able to sit in the fire trucks, test the horns, try on the uniforms, and practice with the hose.
Thanks again, Fireman Dave. It was an informative, interactive, and funfilled tour.
When we finished at the Fire Hall, 20 kids and 5 adults invaded the Cenotaph to finish off our adventure with a pizza picnic lunch!
It was all smiles today, I love it!
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Day 227 ~ Not Just A Helicopter!

Did you know if you split the seed with your thumb nail, you can stick them on your nose?
Better yet add a matching pair of helicopter earrings?
Yes, my entertainer Nolan at his finest again!
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Day 226 ~ I Feel A Martha Stewart Moment Coming On

They have arrived! The moment I've been waiting for...*insert happy dance*
Time for some heavy duty cooking and baking with this baby!
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Day 225 ~ Izzies Got The Frizzies

With all this rain and damp weather, the frizzies are taking over.
No amount of flat ironing or hair products can tame this mop now.
With no end in sight and the dehumidifier running non-stop.
Time to bring out the big guns, its a hat day baby!
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Day 224 ~ Where Is That Advil?

Oh my!
I can't take anymore of this!
Note to year bring earplugs!
These guys were practicing about 20 feet from our trailer.
Poor Quasi just doesn't know what to think of all this noise. He hasn't eaten or had a drink since we arrived. Time to get him home sweet home.
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Day 223 ~ Fergus Highland Games

A weekend of bagpipes and dancing.
Not so sure camping here was the way to go though. An afternoon here is all I need.
I enjoy watching the dancing but, the music gets a bit much after a few hours.
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Day 222 ~ TGIF

One down, two to go.
It's a good read so far. I wouldn't rave about it but, it keeps you reading.
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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 221 ~ Like A Kid On Christmas Morning!

Who doesn't love getting a parcel in the mail?
Added's my photo books!

Wanna take a peek?  ---  Come on, you know you wanna!

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Day 220 ~ In Transit

The 2 photo books I sent to print on August 1st are in transit! I tracked it this morning and it was in Mississauga yesterday...insert happy dance!
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Day 219 ~ Bring On The Chalk

Why is it a freshly sealed driveway always makes you want to chalk it up?
I can't wait!
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Day 218 ~ Curiousity Will Cost You $29

I'm curious as to what all the hype about these books is.
Picked up the box set from Costco yesterday. Time to dive in and check it out.
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Day 217 ~ Don't Die Yet!

So, after a 14 year run our fridge has decided to start acting up. The new one will be delivered on the 14th. (please hang on a few more days)
I'll spare you the photo of the fridge...instead, look what I found while cleaning the top of the fridge off.
I wish I could remember when I found it. I'm guessing around 7 years ago. Now I'm on the hunt for a small photo box frame to put it's not going on top of the new fridge, nothing is! (maybe)
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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Day 216 ~ Look At That Shine

Floor scrubbing day...blah!
Too bad they can't stay this clean. My boys will take care of that shine in no time...:(
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Day 215 ~ Team "Big Trouble"

This afternoon was all about Nerf gun wars!
It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye...just kidding, it was all fun with no injuries!
Team Big Trouble vs Team Big Nuisance.
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Day 214 ~ Flushed Away

It was a popcorn and movie kinda afternoon.
What a cute movie.
You gotta love the 'le frog' character.
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Day 213 ~ Racing Mack With Rubik's Race

Mack's new favorite game.
Little stinker kicked my butt!
I want a rematch...or you can do your own laundry this week. hehe
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Day 212 ~ Where's My Perry?

Screen shot of the kids new favorite app.
He's just a platypus, they don't do much. Lol
Truth be told, Devon is hooked on it too.
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