Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 150 ~ Who Knew?

K, so I have finally learned how to take a screen shot with the iPhone.
lol, Am I the last person to figure this out?
2 days ago we were melting with a temperature of 32. Today we were wearing sweaters.
Thanks for taking a peek!

Day 149 ~ There's A Storm A Brewin'

It blew in quick and blew over quick.
We had wind, rain and yes, even some hail!
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Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 148 ~ A High Of 32 Today!

Hot Hot Hot!
It's too hot to turn on the oven today.
Tonight it's BBQ! On the menu we have sausages, baked potatoes and grilled vegetables!
Here are the Veggies all prepped and ready to go!
Thanks for taking a peek!

Day 147 ~ Not Impressed With The New Size!

I understand the need to encourage kids to eat a more healthy diet.
However, when your kids only get McDonald's once in a blue moon, it's a huge let down to only get 12 fries!
Thanks for taking a peek!

Day 146 ~ 2 Fox Pups

First off...Happy Birthday Devon!
The boys went and did a bit of dirt biking today and saw some wild life.
1 Beaver
2 Roosters
2 Fox Pups
Numerous Craw Fish
A Goose and her baby Goslings
(so I guess this is cheating, 'cause I did not take this photo. I did take a few photos today, promise! I just wanted to share this one.)
Thanks for taking a peek!

Day 145 ~ Birthday Prep!

Tomorrow is my hubby's Birthday.
I have been wanting to try to make one of these KitKat cakes for a while now!
In case you were wondering, it takes 11 KitKat bars to enclose a 9" round 2 layer cake.
Thanks for taking a peek!

Day 144 ~ YUCK!

Man, I hate tent caterpillars!
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Day 143 ~ It's A Hot One Today

Good thing I stocked up on the freezes!
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Day 142 ~ Another flower From The Garden

The Bees love these ones too!
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Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 141 ~ All Planted! it had been a weekend of partying with great friends and not so much yard work getting done.
I can totally live with that.
Today however, I did manage to get the vegetable garden planted!
The rest of the gardens will just have to wait.
Thanks for taking a peek!

Day 140 ~ Another Pool Party and BBQ!

We have the greatest friends ever!
Another day we should have spent gardening but, had a much better offer.
Thank you Hunter Family for hosting an amazing afternoon of great company and laughs.
The fireworks and bon fire were a perfect end to a great day!
Yes...another iPhone photo. Too much drinking to carry around my camera! lol
Thanks for taking a peek!

Day 139 ~ Gardening or Pool Party?

Wow, what a tuff choice!
No, not really.
Here is the blind leading the blind, a group of men trying to figure out how to attach an owl to the roof in an effort to scare off the dive bombing birds!
It ended in the owl just being tossed onto the roof. LMAO!
Drinking took preference over this job!
Thank you Fraser family for a great afternoon of fun and drinks!
Again, taken with my iPhone.
Thanks for taking a peek!

Day 138 ~ Talent Show

APS Talent show was today. Everyone did a fantastic job, I could NOT have gotten up in front of the whole school and parents to perform a song or dance!
Of course my favorite was my Nolan.
He sang I Don't Want This Night To End by Luke Bryan.
He did an AMAZING job!
You rocked it Nolan!
Thanks for taking a peek!

Day 137 ~ Bleeding Hearts

One of my favorite flowers ever!
Taken with my iPhone.
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 136 ~ All Tuckered Out!

An hour and a half after getting home from camp, I go to get Mack for dinner and this is what I find...
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 135 ~ I Want One Of These Trees!

As you walk past this tree you can't help but to pause and just smell it for a few minutes!
What a beautiful fragrance, I'd love a yard full of these!
Thanks for taking a peek!

Day 134 ~ My Munchkin All Packed Up

Today was the departure day for the grade 6 camping trip.
I promissed myself I wouldn't cry...I was brave and held back.
Have a great time Mack! I'll see you on Wednesday.
Thanks for taking a peek!

Day 133 ~ Happy Mothers Day!

Today was a perfect day!
The weather was fantastic!
The drinks were cold!
The BBQ and salads were super yummy!
Couldn't have asked for a better day. I was feeling the love!
My boys spoiled my with 2 perfect gifts. My favorite snack is popcorn so I absolutely LOVE the new popcorn machine! My favorite hobby is photography so I'm THRILLED to pieces with the new tripod!
Thank you boys, I love you!
Thanks for taking a peek!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day 131 ~ Finally

2 days with no cable, phone or Internet ...I didn't think we were going to make it!
My husband was out weeding and ended up cutting the cable. (yes, we have forgiven him) let me tell you, Eastlink is cheaper than Bell...however they suck at repair calls.
Thanks for taking a peek!

Day 130 ~ Happy Birthday Nolan!

My youngest is now 9!
I can't believe it...
My youngest is now 9!
Wow...where have the years gone?
Here he is with his new BMX he picked out.
Thanks for taking a peek!

Day 132 ~ Fat Lips & Solar Flares

This is the new fertilizer spreader.
Want to know what happened to the old one? It's a funny story that ends with Devon getting a fat lip.
First off, he filled it and started walking the yard. Then a wire fell and was hanging down, that he kept stepping on. To solve that, he held the wire and walked hunched over (since the wire was short). He had to keep going since the fertilizer was still spraying out the bottom. Low and behold, he hits a bump in the yard and smacks his mouth off the handle. Ouch, a tooth went into his lip. Still, he keeps going as the fertilizer is still coming out the bottom. Now to top it all off...a wheel falls off!
Don't worry, he's laughing about it now.
Taken with my phone, I love the solar flare...adds a nice touch, and kinda pulls the story together don't ya think?
Thanks for taking a peek!

Day 129 ~ Mothers Day Prep

This weeks goal is to make some Mothers Day crafts with the daycare kids.
Here's one I came up with for this year.
Thanks for taking a peek!

Day 128 ~ Peter and Bugs

While our for a walk this morning we saw these cute bunnies. They are pets that are let loose in the owners yard every once in a while. Can you believe they stay there? I call them Peter and Bugs. I know, not very creative eh!
Thanks for taking a peek!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 126 ~ Going To The Chapel...

and we're going to get married.
(you have that song stuck in your head now right?)
Today was the BIG day for Becky and Graham.
It was a beautiful ceremony, gorgeous bride, and perfect all around wedding!
Congratulations Mr & Mrs Hill, Best Wishes!
Thanks for taking a peek!

Day 127 ~ Wood and/or Flowers

This the theme for Mays Camera Club meeting.
Here is one that I came up with for Thursdays meeting.
Thanks for taking a peek!

Day 125 ~ Singing On The Road!

Nolan can always entertain us while traveling anywhere.
He is always singing right along with the XM.
Thanks for taking a peek!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day 124 ~ Rockin Robin

Mama Robin nesting on a speaker outside of my parents garage.
It really does bring a new meaning to the phrase 'Rockin' Robin'

Thanks for taking a peek!

Day 123 ~ Checking Out The Crane

The boys had a blast checking out the neighbors 400 ton crane.
It's not very often Mr H brings the crane home from work. But when he does, the boys are drooling wishing they could check it out. They were super excited to not only check it out but, they sat in it and controlled the boom.
Well, Mr are officially the coolest guy on our street now!
Thanks for taking a peek!

Day 122 ~ Wheee!

Thanks for taking a peek!

Day 121 ~ Cake Batter Rice Krispies

Super Yummy!
Thanks for taking a peek!

Day 120 ~ Bigger Tree Maybe?

Umm...gee Mack, I hope you're not trying to hide.
(I see you)
Thanks for taking a peek!

Day 119 ~ We Found It!

Another Geocache found.
Thanks for taking a peek!