Monday, November 19, 2012

Day 323 ~ Bamboo Shoots

On our way home from the tournament yesterday we stopped to pick up something to put the Bamboo Shoots in. Thanks to the new Walmart in Fergus we found some along with some rocks.
BTW, Devon can not believe we just paid for rocks!
Thanks for taking a peek!

Day 322 ~ Tri-City Martial Arts Guelph Open Shiai

So proud of my boys, they tried their best and did a great job of representing the Arthur Dojo.
Mack placed third in the Brown belt division for Kumite. Nolan brought home a first place in the Blue belt division for Kumite.
Congratulations guys, you worked hard for this!
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Day 321 ~ One Happy Boy!

Purchased with his own money.
Mack has been waiting for what he considered a 'life time' for this game! lol
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Day 320 ~ Frost

A perfect morning to capture some gorgeous frost photos.
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Day 319 ~ The Old Public School

It has sat empty and abandoned for about 6 years. Over that time, it has been broken into, had windows smashed, became a hangout for kids to drink and experiment with drugs, and has also been set on fire.
Finally looks like this building will be put to use again.
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Day 318 ~ Practicing With DOF

A little glue and sparkles on a twig were my weapons of choice to practice.
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Day 317 ~ Bokeh

Playing around today, this is what I came up with.
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