Sunday, January 1, 2012

Top 11 of 2011!

WOW, can you believe 2011 is over...where did it go?

I'm linking up with Sarah, Courtney, and Amber  for another great opportunity to show off my kids!
My silly, funny, drive me crazy at times, can brighten a room with their smiles, always make me laugh, never a dull moment around boys. Enjoy!

Click It Up A Notch

I'm so glad I took the plunge and tried this 365 project! I know for sure I have taken a lot more photos of my boys then I normally would have.
Picking only 11 was not very easy.
This was one of the first photos of the year, this was also
pre-DSLR. (I'm a work in progress)
It's not perfect but, it's one of my favorites for sure!
Mack and Nolan with my 94 year old Grandma on her Birthday!

Family movie night!
Look at my leprechauns!

This was taken on a trip over to Elora, great day!

Sitting on the roof of the Jeep at the Drive-In.
 I love this picture of Nolan, you could get lost in those eyes.

Canada Day celebration, crazy boys!
I think you need a bigger umbrella Mack!

Love this one.
The boys needed to play dead at the "Dead End", what a couple of hams!
 Our Christmas card photo this year.
Thanks for taking a peek!


  1. These are great! What fun boys you have! Love the last one!

  2. Such great shots. Love your leprechauns and the last photo. They look like pretty willing models. Thanks so much for linking up with us.

  3. Oh my gosh, I love so many of these photos! The leprechauns, the back to school photo, and the Christmas shot are my favorites, but man does that boy have some beautiful eyes! I hope my son is as game for photos when he gets older as yours seem to be!

    Best wishes in 2012 to you guys!

  4. These are so awesome. They just make me smile.

  5. these are all wonderful ~ but love the Christmas card shot ~ how fun

  6. The Christmas card photo is such a great it and love the personality your boys pour forth in each photo.

  7. Wow, your progression from the start of the year to the end of the year really shows how much your skills have improved in the last 12 months. Good job! I still love the Leprechaun photo and that last Christmas card shot is AWESOME!

  8. Love looking back at your year. How fun to have these great memories of your boys to cherish forever. They look like such buds who really enjoy spending time together. That is what really jumps out at me when I see your photos. The fun and joy they are having growing up.