Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 85 ~ So Proud!

Today was the 27th Annual CNGK Championships in Elora.
The tournament is sponsored by Canadian Naha-Te Goju Karate and hosted by Kyoshi J Purdy.
My boys did very well and Devon and I are so proud of them. All of their hard work and training paid off.
In the Green Belt division, Nolan came in first place for his Kata and second place for his Kumite (point sparring).
In the Brown Belt division, Mack came in first place for his Kata and also first place for his Kumite.
Congratulations Mack and Nolan, Job well done boys!
I took so many photos at the tournament it will take me a bit to go through them all. Here's a quick photo I took here at home.
Thanks for taking a peek!

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