Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day 132 ~ Fat Lips & Solar Flares

This is the new fertilizer spreader.
Want to know what happened to the old one? It's a funny story that ends with Devon getting a fat lip.
First off, he filled it and started walking the yard. Then a wire fell and was hanging down, that he kept stepping on. To solve that, he held the wire and walked hunched over (since the wire was short). He had to keep going since the fertilizer was still spraying out the bottom. Low and behold, he hits a bump in the yard and smacks his mouth off the handle. Ouch, a tooth went into his lip. Still, he keeps going as the fertilizer is still coming out the bottom. Now to top it all off...a wheel falls off!
Don't worry, he's laughing about it now.
Taken with my phone, I love the solar flare...adds a nice touch, and kinda pulls the story together don't ya think?
Thanks for taking a peek!

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